Palmer_coverpreviewE-Book Covers, 2015

April 23, 2015: The E-Books of my four “Mr. Dickens” Victorian murder mysteries are now live for sale. Check them out on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, and other electronic book outlets. Links to all outlets immediately available on the individual book pages of this website.

William J. Palmer, Novelist

Welcome to my new website.WJPalmer-1As you can see from the header above, this new website is exclusively devoted to the publication of news, reviews, comments, and responses concerning my novels, the “Mr. Dickens” series of Victorian murder mysteries and The Wabash Trilogy set in Indiana’s Wabash river valley, as well as my work-in-progress. The occasion for the long-overdue creation of this new website is the re-publication of the four “Mr. Dickens” novels as E-Books by Diversion Books. This is a very exciting evolution of my novel-writing career because it is quite truly a re-birth of four of my novels for a whole new generation of electronically-based readers.

The creation of this new website is also a result of the wholesale changes in the publishing industry itself over the last five years. E-Books now share the book-selling market 50-50 with the traditional hard-bound and paperback modes of publication. All indications predict that this ratio of electronic reading to hand-held print will only widen in the favor of E-Books in the coming years. Thus, you can see why this E-Book publication of the whole “Mr. Dickens” series is such an encouraging event for me and my novels. I hope you enjoy wandering through the novelistic worlds of both Dickens’s London and Wabash City, Indiana.